Bharat (BH) Series Number plate

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1.       Bharat Series is a new numbering series that will be used for vehicle registration across the nation, especially for those vehicles that frequently shift from one state to another due to their owner’s transferable jobs or any other reason.

2.      The “BH” in the number plate will signify the term Bharat and will replace state-specific alphabets in the plate, such as DL, TN, UP, PB, etc.

3.      The BH number series will be available only for private vehicle owners.

4.      For vehicle registration under the BH series, road tax has to paid only for 2 years, after which owners can move to another state and pay the applicable tax as per the state policy. In the case of a regular vehicle, one needs to pay the road tax for 15 years.

5.      Re-registration of vehicles from parent state to relocated state before that lapse of 12 months is a norm for vehicles to be operated in other states. But with the BH Series number plate, the person can use the vehicle in other states without re-registration process.

6.      The BH series will also facilitate easier transfer of ownership every time a BH-numbered vehicle is sold.

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